• Place your kitty’s litterbox in an area where there’s not a lot of activity. Cats won’t go to the bathroom in a place that is loud or congested, so keep your box somewhere that is quiet and calm.
  • In general, cats prefer clumping litter with sand-like texture (in large uncovered boxes) placed in quiet, easily accessible locations in their most frequently visited areas.
  • Veterinary research indicates a stressful home environment may be the root cause of some chronic cat diseases, including interstitial cystitis. This is a painful and chronic inflammation of bladder tissue. It is the most commonly diagnosed cause of feline bladder conditions.
  • Having accidents outside of the litter box is the number-one behavior problem in cats. However, it could be your cat’s way of telling you something is physically wrong. Don’t wait to contact your veterinarian. You won’t want your kitty establishing a bad habit.
  • Any change is very stressful for cats and can lead to soiling and litter box aversion. Common stressors include: changes in routine, moving or remodeling, and a new baby, spouse or pet.