Donna is a southern California native and came to work as a Client Service Representative in November, 2020. She grew up in the San Fernando Valley, moved to Ventura County, then to northern Arizona. She recently moved back to Ventura County to be closer to her family, in particular, a new grandchild!

Prior to her most recent move she was a Customer Service Representative and worked in Pet Boarding for the largest veterinary hospital in northern Arizona. She also has experience managing pet adoptions at a rescue in Thousand Oaks. She fostered many of them, which is how she ended up with a couple of her current pets. Donna has 3 dogs: “Cruizer,” a Chihuahua dachshund mix (also known as a chiweenie), “Lucky,” a poodle/papillon/Chihuahua mix and “Bentley,” a poodle mix.

In her free time she enjoys walking, hiking, gardening and just simply relaxing. She loves spending quality time at the beach and in the mountains.